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Today in class, we spent our time getting to know one another. I showed the students a presentation which let them see my progress from when I was a 5th grader to present day - where I came from, my background, how I ended up here as a science teacher, and how I see that as important to how I teach them.  I also was able to learn a great deal about each of them.  I asked each one: Where he/she was born, what is his/her favorite food, and to describe something that he/she has done for which he/she is proud.

It is good to hear the broad range of places from which each of these young scientists come. I definitely heard some wonderful stories with broad cultural understandings.  I was also surprised by how many 5th graders stated that seafood is their favorite type of food. By far, one of the best described moment of pride I heard was when a young man looked over at his friend and said that having him as a friend makes him proud.  I am definitely looking forward to working with each of these young scientists th