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Since we will be starting our first major lab project on Wednesday, I reviewed the lab safety protocols that were originally identified by the students and the formalized by me.  In order to participate in lab activities a student must have his/her contract signed and on file in the lab (Room 514).  If the student chooses not to sign or abide by these safety guidelines which were created by all of the student scientists in Bobcat Labs, they will be doing other work that will teach them the same concepts without having the hands-on labs.  This would most often entail doing literature research and preparing reports.

I have attached a copy of the lab contract below or it can be accessed in the Science 5 Homework Assignments Page of this website or on the website's Home page. It is essential that students get their contracts completed and submitted before they begin the Mastodon Matrix research on Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011.
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