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Scientists keep notes and records and ideas of the things that they have done or wonder about.  In most modern science labs these notes are likely kept on computers, hand-held devices, or websites.  However, in Bobcat Labs, we simply don't have the resources to provide that opportunity to our scientists.  Therefore, we do it the old fashioned way - we keep science notebooks.

There is no doubt in my mind that notebooks for science should be personalized to reflect the interests and abilities of each scientist.  However, in terms of correcting work that had been completed, I need to set some guidelines for what is expected to be included in a science notebook.  This post will help outline that information.

For the most part, a science notebook should have a scientists questions, ideas, drawings, and data for work that they do.  In Bobcat Labs, the scientists are encouraged to include all these aspects of a science notebook.  However, the format for some of the parts of a science notebook should follow the format outline provided in our most recent homework assignment.  Any of the formal experiments and activities that we do will be completed with the elements described in those examples.